Hot Beauty Jobs: Celebrity Hair Stylist

Working as a celebrity hair stylist, you’ll have the opportunity to travel the world styling the hair of your high-profile clientele. You’ll be styling for photo shoots, television appearances, red carpet events, promotional tours, and other industry events. The hours can be long and stressful, but celebrity hair stylists have the potential to earn a lot of money!

Between the pesky paparazzi and the 24-hour media outlets, today’s celebrities are under a lot of pressure to look beautiful at all times. In addition to styling their hair, you could quickly find yourself also doing their makeup or giving them fashion advice. It’s your responsibility as a celebrity hair stylist to make sure your client looks and feels fabulous before they step out the door and get their picture snapped.

Becoming a celebrity hair stylist takes a lot of networking, so you’ll need to outgoing and social to really make it in this business. You should also have a great fashion sense.  You’ll be creating this celebrity’s image and everyone will be looking to them for the latest beauty and fashion trends. It can be difficult to get started as a celebrity hair stylist, but if you’re motivated, persistent, and act professionally, your hard work should pay off.

Here’s how to start a new career as a celebrity hair stylist:

  1. Go To Cosmetology School – Before you start working as a celebrity hair stylist, you need to master the skills. Cosmetology schoolwill give you in-depth, hands-on instructions in the latest hair cutting, coloring, and styling techniques, and also teach you a variety of skin care, makeup, and nail care procedures. Once you graduate from cosmetology school, you’ll need to pass your State Board exam in order to obtain your license and start working in the beauty industry.
  2. Make A Cosmetology Portfolio – You’ll have to show your portfolio to agents, representatives, and prospective clients to prove your skills and creativity. Your portfolio should include at least 10 professional photos of your best work and be up-to-date with the latest hair trends. Read these great tips for how to create an eye-popping cosmetology portfolio.
  3. Start Assisting – Volunteer to assist alongside other celebrity stylists to get your foot in the door. Remember, as an assistant you’ll be doing more helping than actual styling. But that’s OK! It’s an opportunity to learn tricks of the trades from other top celebrity hair stylists and start building relationships with people in the entertainment industry. Making key connections will take you one step closer to styling for celebrities.
  4. Get Represented – The final step to becoming a celebrity hair stylist is to get representation from an agency. Look online to find a list of local agencies near you. During your interview with an agent, show them your portfolio and tell them about your experience assisting with other celebrity stylists. Once you get an agent, they’ll start placing you in jobs with their celebrity clients and taking a small percentage.
  5. Go Above & Beyond – Once you start landing jobs with celebrity clients, go above and beyond in your role so you become absolutely irreplaceable to them. Celebrities have crazy schedules, so you’ll need to be accommodating if they call you last minute for a cut or color. If you say no, there’s a chance they’ll move on to the next celebrity hair stylist. You should always act professional and be discreet with their personal information.

To make it as a celebrity hair stylist, it all starts by enrolling in a cosmetology school where you can get hands-on training and master the technical skills. Salon Success Academy is a cosmetology school with five locations throughout the Inland Empire of California. The cosmetology program will give you in-depth training in the latest hair cutting, coloring, styling, facials, manicuring, and makeup techniques, as well as extensive preparation for your State Board exam. You don’t have to put your life on hold while you train for a new career as a celebrity hair stylist, either! Salon Success Academy offers day and evening classes, in both full-time and part-time schedules, and Financial Aid assistance to students who qualify. Fill out the form to learn more about the cosmetology program at Salon Success Academy.