Halloween Makeup & Nails That Are Safe and Easy

Be the topic of everyone’s conversation at this year’s Halloween bash and complete your awesome and eerie look in no time! Check out how to create these 3 jaw-dropping Halloween looks:

Scary Scars

Create dramatic and realistic scars anywhere on your body! Take a dusty rose-colored lip pencil and lightly draw an uneven line where you want your scar to appear. After you have the outline of your scar, go over the sketch with the pencil to make it thicker. This will be the base on which you’ll build a scary scarry masterterpiece! Use a rigid collodion and apply it to the top of your scar line. Beware: Collodion is highly flammable; be cautious and do not wear near an open flame. It also has a strong smell so use in a well-ventilated area. And if you have sensitive skin, apply a small amount of the product on the back of your hand to see how your skin reacts before fully applying the product, especially on your face. The collodion will tense up your skin and ultimately make the scar line look like the real deal. Once it dries, set it with loose based mineral power and then use foundation to blend the powder into your skin. Last but not least, use a light pink gloss or highlighter on the faux scar to make it look like it is still healing. As to where you’ll locate your gruesome scar? That’s up to you! On your exposed arms and legs? Or for a harrowing look, make it look like a healing gash from your face to your neck.

Pop Art Cartoon Makeup

Look like a comic book character this Halloween in mere minutes. First, prep your face with a primer and foundation. Next use a liquid liner to create a dramatic cat eye. Using the same liquid liner, draw a frame around your eyebrows to they really stand out. Once you have the frame, fill in the brows. Use the same liner to draw thin black lines along your brow bones, the space between your brows, nostrils and tip of your nose. You want to accent your features so they pop. Accentuate your dimples and eyelashes last. Then, with a red eyeliner pencil, draw small red dots about a centimeter apart from one another. You can add them all over your face or frame your face with the cartoon look. Fill in your lips and then line them with a black highlighter.

Celebration Nails

Use a nail polish color to complement the bright colors you used on your face like red, pink, blue or black. For fun, apply one color to each nail and paint your accent nail with contrasting colored polka dots to tie the look together.


Apply your makeup as you typically would but because it is Halloween, go ahead and rock the hot pink lips and extra heavy eyeliner. Now create a “melting” mixture. In a microwaveable container, pour in a cup or so of whole milk and add in 2-3 tablespoons of powder gelatin. Take the milky mixture and microwave if for 30 seconds. You want a fairly thick and creamy mix, so you may need to add a bit more powder gelatin to get the right consistency. Test the temperature of the mix on the inside of your wrist before applying. Now, add a loose mineral powder to the mixture that is similar in color to your skin. Then take a brush and apply the mixture to your face while it is still malleable. Next, use liquid face paint on top of the mixture on your face so that it looks as though your actual makeup is indeed melting.


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