Your Guy Will Fall in Love With a Straight Razor Shave 

man getting a straight razor shave

The Christmas clock is ticking and you don’t know what to get that very special someone in your life. Why not consider pampering him with a straight razor shave. The art of shaving is making a comeback. So give your guy a trip to the barber’s he’ll never forget. Here’s why he’ll love it:

He deserves to relax and get pampered. Your guy can close his eyes while a fresh, hot towel melts away the stresses of the day, open his pores, and prepares his skin for a great shave. After the shave, a cool towel will close and tighten his pores so his skin is fully prepared for an after shave lotion or balm. A splash of calming aftershave can be a transcending experience, healing his skin and providing a little personal aromatherapy.

Shaving cream is the secret sauce. Most barbers have their own special shaving creams, some of which have been passed down for generations. Ask the barber what he uses and what choices you’ll have to offer your guy. Embrace the full experience.

Nothing is closer than a straight edge shave. A quality straight razor is typically made with high carbon steel that can be regularly sharpened and sterilized. The super sharp blade of a straight razor can’t be beat for a close shave. The barber will shave with the grain to prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritations. And that extra close shave will last longer than a typical shave.

Get the best skin possible. A close shave will help exfoliate his skin by removing the top layer of dead skin. A single blade straight razor doesn’t get clogged with hair, skin, or soap like a multi-blade razor does. A single blade and super clean razor also eliminate the cause of common skin infections like ingrown hairs, razor burn and razor bumps because the barber runs the blade against the skin fewer times than your man would do on his own, with another razor.

Bundle and save. He already goes to the barber, right? Why not add a shave too? After his hair looks sleek and stylish, kill two birds with one stone and add the shave to make him look and feel fantastic. Most barber shops will offer a deal for bundling a haircut and a shave, not to mention, your guy gets to relax just a little longer.

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