Why Good Training Is So Important When It Comes to a Hair Stylist

A great hair stylist trained at Salon Success Academy working with client

Looking for a new hair stylist? It’s not just about fancy salons and abundant displays of trendy new products. What you really want is a stylist who loves what they do, is passionate about learning new things, and places client service as their number one priority. But did you know that all starts with a great knowledge base? Here’s why good cosmetology training is where you need to start in the hunt for the perfect hair stylist for you:

A Strong Foundation

There’s actually a right and wrong way to cut and color your hair! If you want a great do that will make you look and feel beautiful, you want to make sure that the person touching your precious locks knows exactly what they’re doing. Make sure they are properly licensed and well-trained from a National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) accredited school. At a school like Salon Success Academy, students are taught all about hair physiology, and the best ways to provide clients with the best results and service. Through lectures, demos, lots of hands-on experience—including actual salon time with paying clients—and prep for the California license exam, students get a great foundation to become great stylists.

Lots of Experience

Your stylist may have training and a bit of experience at a school salon, but don’t you deserve more? Find out where they worked as an assistant or apprentice and where they’ve worked as a professional cosmetologist. You want a stylist who has proven to be reliable and trustworthy, but most of all has loads of experience in their field. More experience often means a higher price tag (because they’re that good) but if you’re looking to save a few bucks, you could start with that stylist’s assistant and follow their career up. They typically have worked for the salon for a while and have shadowed the best of the best so they know the routine. The salon owners wouldn’t let just anyone cut or color their top clients’ hair.


On Top of the Trends

The best stylists will help keep you in style! Nothing makes a salon more outdated than a stylist who isn’t up-to date on the latest hair trends, products, and industry innovations. We can all look back and think of the crimping sensation or “the Rachel” style from Friends. Your stylist knows what’s hot and what new products you have to try; even those you should avoid. They use social media to display their proudest accomplishments, new techniques, and what they are working on now. And the love to try out the newest and best on their favorite clients. Is that you?


Expert Care

Want to feel and look like a million bucks? A well trained stylist also knows the ins and outs of providing top customer care. From providing you with coffee or cappuccinos while you wait, to asking how your sick aunt is doing, they make every interaction personalized and special. Their attention to detail and to you sets them apart. Does your stylist measure up?


If you not only know how to find the perfect stylist, but also want to be one, check out all Salon Success Academy has to offer. We give you the tools to prepare you for your dream career. Call 877-987-4247 to learn more about our Cosmetology program today.