Get the Perfect Blow Out in 5 Easy Steps

the perfect blow out for your hair


Want a salon quality blow out at home? Here are 5 steps to take to achieve the hair of your dreams:



Start your blow out with a clean slate. Be sure to completely wash out your conditioner. After all of the conditioner is removed and your hair is slightly dry, run a volumizing mousse through your strands with your fingertips. If you apply the mousse or an anti-frizz product when your hair is too wet the product will be diluted and won’t be very effective.


With your product in place, lightly comb through your locks with a brush to remove snarls and knots. Use a dryer with a nozzle attachment to keep from burning your hair. Direct the nozzle downward to prevent frizz. Get your hair mostly but not completely dry, about 70-80%.


With a clip, pull up half of your hair so that you can easily access the strands beneath. Use a small round brush and start to roll the brush vertically from your hairline. Keep the nozzle of the dryer as close to your hair as possible without actually touching it. Start at the front of your face and work your way back.


Release the bottom third of your hair from the clip. Use a medium-sized brush and start with the blow dryer to roll the brush vertically away from your hairline. The size of the brush all depends on the length and volume of your hair. If you have a lot of hair, you do not want to use a small brush because it will take forever to dry your hair. It is important to dry underneath and pieces near your face with a small brush to make the curl tighter. Take your clip and slowly drop more hair down as you dry.


For extra volume use rollers around your face as well as at the top of your hairline. Consider Velcro curlers to add height. Use your dryer to heat the curlers and let them cool for five minutes or so and then roll them out. If you do not want that added volume simply skip this step and use a finishing spray to keep your hair looking glamorous all day. As a finishing touch, run your fingers through your hair with a smoothing cream.
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