5 Steps to a Do-It-Yourself Manicure You’ll Love

DIY manicure

You might like the luxury of getting your nails done at a salon, but it can be expensive and time consuming. But here are 5 ways to create a fabulous DIY manicure you will love!


  • Prepare your Nails

Wash your hands with warm, soapy water. If you have a lot of dirt or dead skin on your hands, use a nail brush to rid your hands of it. It can also be helpful to use an exfoliator if you are prone to callouses. Next, remove your current nail polish (build-up of old nail polish under new polish can be harsh on your nails). Even if you aren’t wearing any polish, it’s nice to give yourself a fresh base to work with and use some nail polish remover to clean them off. Choose one that is non-acetone, as it will be less harsh on your hands.


  • Care for your Cuticles

Proper cuticle care is crucial to get that perfect, professionally done nail look. It gives your nails a smoother texture, as well as cleaner lines. It is best to soak your nails to give your nails a softer feel. If you prefer, you can use a cuticle remover instead. Rub the product all over your nail beds. Next, use a cuticle nail pusher to move your cuticles back. This will remove the dead skin around your nails. Make sure not to push back too far into your live skin. Once you’ve pushed back your cuticles, use cuticle scissors to trim them. Taming your cuticles will give your nails a cleaner look.


  • Shape them

Cut your nails to your desired length using nail clippers or nail scissors. After trimming, file them to smooth out any rough edges and perfect the desired shape of your nails. Pro tip: Instead of using back and forth motions, file from the edge of your nail to its tip, in one motion.


  • Buff or Polish your Nails

It’s time for the fun part. Start with a base coat. This will help keep your polish secure to your nail bed. Pick your favorite polish and apply in soft, gentle strokes. Two coats will give you an opaque look. Let your nails dry. Use a quick dry top coat to cut down on drying time so you can use your hands after about 15-20 minutes. However, you will still want to be gentle with your nails for one to two hours after applying polish to ensure you don’t ruin all your hard work. If you want some shine on your nails but you don’t want to deal with choosing a color and drying your nails, buff them instead. You will need a nail buffer (you can purchase one at the drugstore). One section removes ridges and stains, another buffs, and the third section polishes.


  • Moisturize

The final step is to pamper yourself a little with some luxuriant moisturizer. Go ahead and grab your favorite hand cream or body butter. Give your nails, hands, and arms some love! Moisturizing will keep your nails and hands looking supple and youthful.


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