How Did You Ever Live Without These Summer Beauty Hacks?  

Woman with summertime makeup


Summertime brings both gorgeous weather and sky high temps. But all that heat and humidity can wreak havoc with your look. Here are some beauty hacks so you can enjoy those summer BBQs and pool days and still look and feel your best:



Why bake it when you can fake it? You know the dangers of UV rays so don’t take a chance! Self-tanners are a great alternative to roasting in the sun. You can look like you just stepped off the beach without the salt and sand side effects. Available at any beauty or drug store, choose the product you like and follow its directions on how to apply.  You can fix tanner blemishes with baking soda. Just take a handful of baking soda and use it as an exfoliator, lightly scrubbing to even out the tan. Be careful, though, you don’t want to take off  all of the tanner.

Household Tricks


After a long day in the sun and surf your hair needs a major refresh. Bring back your color and shine with a spritz of vinegar. Take ½ cup of apple cider vinegar and 8 oz of water and put them in a spray bottle. Make sure to spray your hair completely and let the zesty mix sit on your strands for about 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and let your hair shine, shine, shine.  To combat the salad dressing scent, add a little coconut oil to your mixture.

Olive Oil

Calling all blonde bombshells. Is that awesome color looking a little green after your dip in the pool? Protect your hair from summertime chemicals with a bit of olive oil. Lathering your hair in olive oil or a leave-in conditioner will help protect your hair from chlorine and other pool additives. Protect the blonde!


Avocado Oil

Frizz is as common as fireflies in the summer. So tame unruly hair with your favorite frizz ease or make your own. Mix two tablespoons of avocado oil with two teaspoons of coconut oil and put it a spray bottle. Spray your dry hair with the magic mix and you’re good to go.


Foundation Break

Instead of piling on your usual foundation opt for a BB cream. BB cream, or blemish balm, conceals skin impurities like a foundation but is light enough so you can layer it without appearing cakey. As the heat rises, your makeup won’t melt off. BB cream is great for the pool, lake, and beach because it’s a moisturizer and SPF foundation combo so you can quickly apply everything in one stroke.


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