Easy Care for Nails and How to Get Them

Woman cutting nails using nail clipper

Your hands are always busy, right? Whether you’re washing dishes or cleaning the house, your hands—and nails—take a bit of punishment. But you still want them to look great! If you want to have great looking nails this summer, without a lot of work or hassle, follow these simple tips now:

Make Sure to Moisturize

Treat your nails like you would any other part of your body and make sure they are moisturized. Use your favorite moisturizer or create your own megamix with some almond and avocado oil. Apply generously to your nail and cuticles. In a pinch, you can even moisturize with a dab of lip balm; what’s good for soft, moist lips can help out your nails, too.


Be Gentle

Whether your nails tend to be soft or brittle, they need a bit of care to look good. Wear gloves when you wash dishes or work in the garden. Don’t overexpose them to hot water. Just give them a little love. If you’re too rough on them, they can chip, break and split, leaving them more susceptible to further breakage and even infection. And forget metal nail tools under your nails –it may feel like you’re doing them a favor with a thorough cleaning that gets rid of dirt and debris, but too much digging will cause your nail to actually separate from your skin.


Trim Regularly

You cut your hair to keep it healthy, don’t you? Your nails deserve the same regular care! Set aside time to clip them every two weeks or so, depending on how quickly your nails grow. Avoid long nails but don’t cut them too short either.


Go Shorter

Long nails may look beautiful but they’re more apt to catch, snag and break. Keep your nails short — at least to start out. A shorter style is easier to manage and looks clean and neat. Short nails also tend to be stronger because they are less likely to break. Make sure to keep a nail file handy to smooth away any rough edges so your nails don’t snag. Work in one direction with the grain of your nail for the smoothest finish.


Don’t Cut Cuticles

Did you know that your cuticles seal the area at the base of your nail? So when you remove that seal you subject your nails to bacteria. If you must tame your cuticles, simply push them back. Never cut!


Use Acrylic and Gel Treatments Sparingly

Give your nails a break from acrylic or gel manicures. They may last longer but they are very hard on your nails. When you do decide to go gel, minimize the damage to your hands and nails with special gloves that expose only the nails to the UV rays that help seal the polish which is harmful to your skin and your overall health infrequent doses.


How do you take care of your nails? Let us know. And if you want to help others maintain their best ever nails, contact Salon Success Academy to learn how. Call 877-987-4247 to discover more about our Manicuring/Nail Care training and all our programs. We have five convenient locations throughout the Inland Empire area.