4 Tips For Cutting & Coloring Men’s Hair

Most of the Beauty Buzz blog posts are about hair and makeup trends for women. We’ve been neglecting the men! We promise to make it up to you with this blog post, by giving you some valuable advice for servicing and retaining your male clients.

Even if you work in a salon, and not a barber shop, you need to be prepared to cut and style men’s hair. Times are changing. It’s much more common for a man to walk into a salon for cut nowadays. They want be pampered and look good just as much as your female clients do, but they also need to be treated differently. Here’s how you do it:

  • It’s very important that your male clients feel comfortable in the salon. Make sure you have sports magazines and newspapers available for them to read. You’ll also need to speak to your male clients differently than you speak to your female clients. Avoid girly words and gossip and try to be direct.
  • Make sure you’re up-to-date on men’s hair trends. The shorter the cut, the more exact the lines have to be, so there is little room for error. Always do the finishing touches of cleaning up around the ears, the neck, and the sides.
  • Learn how to educate men on their color options. The most important thing to men is that the color look natural, so be thoughtful with your color placement. Try using a semi-permanent shade in the same spectrum as his original hair color. If you’re covering gray, try leaving some gray at the temples. It looks distinguished and camouflages re-growth.
  • Consider extending your services beyond just cutting and coloring. Like we said, men want to be pampered, they just won’t admit it. In barbershops, a post-haircut neck shave and shoulder rub is an old tradition. Try offering a facial massage, a leave-in conditioning treatment, or a neck and shoulder massage after the cut.

If you do these things for your male clients, they’ll be sure to return to your chair again and again. They’ll probably refer you to their male friends, too! As you probably know, client retention and referrals mean everything in the beauty industry.

What tips do you have for cutting men’s hair? Share your tips and tricks by commenting below.

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