Cut & Color Tips to Make Clients Look Thinner

Being a good hair stylist means keeping your clients happy so they’ll want to return to your chair over and over again. What better way to keep your clients happy than by making them appear thinner? Execute a cut and color that’s flattering to your client’s appearance and soon you’ll have more female clients flocking to your chair!

Here are some simple rules to follow when wanting to slim down a client’s round face:

Long Layers – Suggest a longer hairstyle that will elongate your client’s face and body. Layers around the face will also help conceal parts of the cheeks and give the illusion of a thinner face.

No Blunt Bangs – Steer clear of blunt-cut bangs. But that doesn’t mean your client has to avoid bangs altogether.  Try giving her long, side swept bangs. They look good on nearly everyone.

Dark Hair Color – Darker shades of color gives a slimming effect to most facial types. The eye is naturally drawn to lighter colors and away from darker ones. The lighter the hair shade, the closer the focus to the shape of the face.

For Blondes Only – If your client’s complexion is on the pale side, dying her hair black might look odd. Don’t choose a hair color that will clash with your client’s natural complexion. Instead, suggest lowlights.

Highlights -The light and dark lines of highlighted hair can provide the illusion of slimming, vertical stripes. This theory has applied for a long time to women’s clothing, but the concept works the same on hair, too.

The key to being successful is learning how to educate your client on how these changes will make her look better. Also, try to communicate in an uplifting tone that’ll be reassuring to her as she steps outside her comfort zone.  Make sure to follow up with her a few days after the service. In the off chance that she doesn’t like what you’ve done, offer to fix her hair free of charge.

What’s your best cut and color tips for making your client’s look slimmer? Share your advice by commenting below!

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