November 1, 2021

Create Your Own Beautiful Educational Experience

When you think about working in the beauty industry, what comes to mind? Hairstylists? Freelance makeup artists for events like weddings and parties? Maybe a spa facialist? These are all great beauty careers, but there’s so much more to choose from.

At Salon Success Academy, we’re here to help you make the best choice for your future. We want you to find the program, schedule, and career path that aligns with your goals. Your time with us should be a positive, individualized experience that prepares you for the future.

Explore Your Options!

One of the best parts about this industry is the variety of opportunities available, from programs to scheduling to careers– you’ve got options! With social media and influencer culture at the forefront of beauty, there has never been more room for growth, exploration, and creativity within the industry.

Whether you want to pursue a more “traditional” beauty career as a hairstylist, or you’re interested in becoming a beauty influencer, it’s an exciting time to get started.

Curious about how you can create your ideal beauty school experience? Keep reading!

Choose Your Program

This is the first (and possibly most important!) step in your beauty school journey. Choosing the right program can make or break your experience in school. It all starts with thinking about what you’re most interested in.

If hair is your passion…


Trends come and go, but good hair is forever. If you’ve always dreamed of being behind the salon chair, cosmetology could be the right choice for you. Many cosmetologists even go on to become salon owners, freelance stylists, or editorial hairstylists for fashion shows and photoshoots.

Our cosmetology program is designed to train budding beauty professionals to become successful hairstylists and colorists. You can receive hands-on training* in modern hair cutting, coloring, and styling techniques, chemical treatments, and much more! Get more details about cosmetology at Salon Success Academy.

Close-up shot of bridal hair with intricate floral details.

Cosmetology Career Options

  • Hair Stylist
  • Hair Colorist
  • Personal/Celebrity Stylist
  • Freelance/Self-Employed Stylist
  • Editorial Stylist
  • Bridal Stylist
  • Salon Owner
  • Cosmetology Instructor
  • Beauty Blogger/Influencer

If your heart lies with skincare…


People are more obsessed with skincare than ever before. It’s not just you. How about turning that obsession into an exciting career? Our esthetician program can be completed in as little as five months. The curriculum includes skincare science and physiology, facials, microdermabrasion, hair removal, body treatments, and a whole lot more!

Gone are the days of aggressive chemical peels and scratchy facial scrubs– we’re here to train estheticians for the modern world of skincare-savvy clients. Learn more about how you can join this growing field today.

Esthetician applying a mud mask to a client in a spa.

Esthetics Career Options

  • Spa Esthetician
  • Facialist
  • Freelance/Self-Employed Esthetician
  • Spa Owner/Manager
  • Medical Esthetician
  • Makeup Artist
  • Hair Removal Specialist
  • Esthetics Instructor
  • Skincare Blogger/Skinfluencer

If men’s grooming is your thing…

Barber Training

While barbershops were once just a place your grandpa went, that’s no longer the case. Men’s interest in grooming and style has increased significantly over the last decade or so, with modern barbershops becoming the “it” place to get your hair cut and styled. If working in a barbershop and focusing on men’s grooming interests you, our barber program could be your perfect first step.

Our barber program teaches the basics of hair anatomy, the latest in men’s haircutting and styling, and modern techniques for beard and facial hair grooming and styling. Barbershops aren’t just straight razor shaves and clipper cuts, they’re full of creativity and innovation! Learn more about our program today.

Barber doing a fade on a client.

Barbering Career Options

  • Barbershop/Salon Barber
  • Freelance/Self-Employed Barber
  • Barbershop Owner/Manager
  • Personal/Celebrity Barber
  • Barber Instructor
  • Barber Blogger/Influencer

If you LOVE nails…

Nail Technician/Manicuring

Beautiful, unique nails are an accessory that will never go out of style. Just look at all these fun, colorful nail designs that are currently trending! If you’re artsy, have a great eye for detail, and always have your nails done, you should think about pursuing a career in nail tech. It’s a great way to express your creativity and get other people excited about the art of nail design.

Our manicuring and nail technician program covers water and oil manicures/pedicures, acrylic nails and tips, nail repairs and wraps, hand and foot massages, and proper sanitation procedures. Ready to use your creativity to help others feel great? Learn more about our manicuring program!

Close up of a pink and white French manicure.

Nail Technician Career Options

  • Salon/Spa Manicurist
  • Freelance/Self-Employed Manicurist
  • Resort/Hotel Manicurist
  • Retail Consultant
  • Editorial/Celebrity Manicurist
  • Nail Salon Owner/Manager
  • Nail Tech Educator

If you eat, sleep, and breathe makeup…

Makeup Designory

Have you been raised on YouTube makeup tutorials? Is Sephora your second home? A career in makeup artistry could be a dream come true for you. Our 84-hour course provides training in the basics of bone structure and skin tone/condition/coloration, color matching, proper application techniques, and editorial makeup.

And now is a pretty cool time to join the makeup world! Thanks to social media, influencer marketing, and direct-to-consumer cosmetics brands, the beauty industry is now worth over 500 billion dollars. Become a part of this exciting time in beauty. Get more info about our makeup program!

Woman applying two-tone purple and orange eyeshadow.

Makeup Designory Career Options

  • Salon/Spa Makeup Artist
  • Bridal Makeup Artist
  • Freelance/Self-Employed Makeup Artist
  • Celebrity/Personal Makeup Artist
  • Editorial/Fashion Makeup Artist
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist (Film/TV/Theater)
  • Makeup Artistry Educator
  • Beauty Influencer/Blogger

Choose Your Schedule

We understand that everyone has different scheduling concerns. You might be a parent who needs to go to school when your child does. Or maybe you have a full-time or part-time job and need to work around that. Whatever your unique circumstances, Salon Success Academy has an option for you.

Salon Success Academy offers day and evening schedules. Keep in mind that scheduling varies by campus, but we’re confident that we can help you find a schedule option that works for you. Talk to a friendly admissions representative today about scheduling needs and start your unique journey into beauty school!

Check out our helpful infographic to learn more about our school and our individual campus characteristics!

Choose Your Campus

Speaking of campuses, we have six beautiful campuses across the Inland Empire area of California. If you need a location that’s convenient to where you live, or you’re choosing simply based on scenery, we’ve got options for you! Each campus offers a variety of hours and schedules.

You can learn more about each location here or contact us with any questions!

Salon Success Academy Campuses

    • Corona

Our gorgeous Corona campus has a panoramic view of the city in all classrooms. The decor is warm and the open views provide a spacious, airy environment. With a diverse student population and fashion-forward feel, this is a great place for anyone to prepare for a future in a high-end salon environment.

    • Fontana

Fontana is our oldest campus, providing cozy, vintage charm that you won’t find elsewhere. This location has been a fixture of the community since it opened, providing affordable, high-quality salon services to locals since 1972. If you’re looking for a campus with a close-knit, family-like environment, this is the place for you.

    • Redlands

Want a beauty school that is high-energy, super creative, and community-focused? Our Redlands campus could be the perfect place for you! Students at Redlands frequently participate in competitions and charity events while continuing to provide salon services to devoted, long-time clients.

    • Riverside

Our Riverside location has a competitive spirit while remaining a supportive place for all beauty students to learn and grow. If you’re looking for more a relaxed vibe that still gives you the chance to participate in competitions, this campus might be a great option for you.

    • Upland

Upland is all about the hustle! This vibrant campus prides itself on a high number of clinic floor sales, which means students here get a lot of hands-on practice. If you want to prepare for a busy, fast-paced salon environment, the Upland campus is the place to do it.

    • West Covina

West Covina offers a more intimate learning experience in an industrial, modern setting. With smaller class sizes and a great location, students have access to plenty of hands-on practice. If you’re serious about advancing your career in beauty, West Covina might be your ideal campus.

Talk To Us About Financial Aid*

Need to talk about paying for school? We offer federal financial aid and beauty school scholarships to those who qualify. Our staff can educate you on all of your financial aid options and even help you fill out the paperwork so you can find out what you could qualify for.

Learn More About Salon Success Academy

After a year of hitting pause, it’s time to create your own beautiful experience at Salon Success Academy. We’ve been training future beauty professionals in Southern California for over 60 years.

While beauty has changed a lot over the years, we’ve maintained the same goal: To equip every student with the tools they need to thrive in their future careers. Contact us today to schedule a tour of one of our campuses. We’d love to get to know you and learn about your career goals.

Want to see if we’re the right fit before you come and visit us? Take our quiz here!

*Financial aid is available to those who qualify.
*All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

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