November 1, 2017

How to Create the Perfect Spa Ambiance for Your Clients

woman getting ready for esthetics treatment

From the moment a client steps into your spa, you want them to be instantly whisked to a Zen-like environment. Whether it’s the relaxing smell of lavender or mint infused water that hydrates body and spirit, all the “little things” you do can add up to a big experience they won’t forget. Here are a few ideas on how you can create the perfect environment to pamper your esthetics and massage customers and have them coming back for more time and time again:



Upon entering a spa what is one of the first things you notice? What the place looks like! If you want to create a welcoming spa atmosphere, you need colors that are warm and embracing. Neutral colors like white, tan and light blue work well. There is a reason you’ll never see the color red in any spa. It doesn’t  evoke a relaxing environment.  You want to relax your customers, and what better way than with white walls, simple furniture and minimal patterns and clutter? Oh, and cue the waterfall.



Bright lights and fluorescent bulbs will send the exact opposite message you want to clients entering your spa. Create an atmosphere that will help your clients relax. Choose dim lights and scented candles to foster a sense of tranquility within the space. They add overall ambiance and offer dim, but effective lighting to help set the tone for luxurious pampering.



The sound in a spa is just as important as the lighting, color and scent. That waterfall that added color also adds a soothing sound. But include soft music, as well. You can choose instrumentals, opt for nature sounds like babbling brooks and gently lapping ocean waves, or combine a mix of soft, subtle sounds. Flutes, harps, and violins can set the scene and soothe the spirit. The rhythm is serene and tranquil.



What kind of smell comes to mind when you are most relaxed? Is it a fresh cut bouquet of lavender or patchouli? These are the scents that will help your clients relax before, after, and during a treatment. You don’t want to overdo the scents, though. Just infuse them lightly into your spa environment through diffusers, candles, incense, essential oils, and creams. Remember less is more.



Now that you have the color, lighting, sound, and scent of the spa down what are other ways can you improve the overall ambiance? How about a warm massage table with comfy, clean, and luxurious linens? Fresh water infused with lemon and mint, and of course a warm towel or two to help melt away the stresses of life. Cushy slippers and a fluffy robe further create the perfect mood. The better the environment, the more comfortable the clients.


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