Come Visit Us at the WOW Showcase: You’ll Be Wowed!

Salon Success Academy at Welcome to our World

Salon Success Academy will once again be a major player at the Professional Beauty Federation of California’s Welcome to our World (WOW) showcase at the Capitol. Held at the Capitol Events Center at 1020 11TH Street on Monday, May 6th, this year’s event promises to be a great time with a great message. Come join us!

What’s Welcome to our World?

WOW introduces legislators to the world of cosmetology. It is a chance for people who work in the beauty industry to showcase their talents, while connecting with the legislators who could potentially enact laws and regulations that could directly affect them. A range of free services are provided by volunteers to the legislators, executive officers, and their staff—including haircuts, styles, manicures and more. There’s lots of conversation and connection. Every year WOW sheds light on our industry, with an aim to raise its level of professionalism and ensure that workers are treated as the career professionals they are. Salon Success Academy is a major sponsor of the event and has always been at the forefront of the industry. Owner Bob Gross was one of the founders of the Professional Beauty Federation of California (PBFC) and he remains active within the organization and the industry.

“For more than 50 years Salon Success Academy has provided quality training to cosmetologists,” said Bob, “and early-on I realized the need to fully support professionals once they entered the industry. I’m not afraid to go directly to legislators on their behalf. I’ve been doing it my entire career.”

getting hair done at Welcome to our World

Salon Success Academy

Salon Success Academy was originally founded as Richard’s Beauty School by Bob’s father. A local celebrity in San Bernardino and award-winning stylist, Richard Gross was always passionate about the industry and the people in it. He was fiercely protective of his students and understood the need to work with the legislature to effect positive change. He helped found the Regional Occupational Program which allowed high school students to earn credit toward their diplomas at the same time they trained to become cosmetologists. Following in his dad’s footsteps, Bob has always placed himself front-and-center on tough issues that could affect people in the industry. When an idea was recently floated to change the licensure requirements for cosmetologists, Bob quickly shut it down.

According to Bob, “some of our legislators really have no idea how complicated coloring, cutting, and styling hair is. There was this crazy notion that ‘anyone can cut hair.’ Luckily one of the wiser members of the legislature said she wasn’t letting anyone near her with scissors and a hot curling iron who wasn’t fully licensed.”

WOW makes it easy to see just how talented, able, and serious these professionals are. And it supports the full mission of the Professional Beauty Federation of California:

  • To establish a unified, credible and influential voice for all sectors of California’s beauty and barbering industry.
  • To promote and raise the professionalism of our industry.
  • To enhance and elevate the image of licensed salon professionals in California through positive public relations and industry image building activities.
  • To gather industry opinion through surveys, discussion and advisory groups and to use that input to develop beneficial public policy.*

The PBFC represents more than 450,000 professionals and 50,000 salons throughout California. WOW just scratches the surface of all the organization does.

“We’re all in this together to make the industry better,” said Bob. “If you’re out there doing what you love, enjoying a great career, you should get involved. There’s plenty of opportunity to volunteer and donate.”

If you’d like to donate to the PBFC and all the good it does on your behalf, give us a call at 877-987-4247 or come check out the Salon Success Academy booth at WOW on May 6th.