January 29, 2014

Clients Spending More Money on Hair Color Services

Women shell out big bucks in salons to get the perfect hair color! Now a new study has found that men and women are spending even more money on hair color services, which is great news for cosmetology school graduates.

A new study from Professional Consultants & Resources found that hair color service dollars grew by 3.5% in 2012. The survey also found that hair color was the largest major salon product category, totaling over $756 million in manufacturers’ sales in 2012.

Professional Consultants & Resources predict this trend to continue well into 2017. So what are some of the reasons behind the growing popularity in hair color?

• Overall client visits increased.

• Salons offered  new types of specialized hair color services, such as ombre and pastel color trends.

• Men’s hair color services (particularly gray coverage) in upscale barbershops and salons increased.

• More and more teens became professional hair color clients.

When clients come in for hair color services, they often  also request a cut, blowout, and possibly other salon services. This means that a stylist can boost his or her commission and a salon can increase its revenue by catering to these high-end hair color clients.

“Salon hair color services are vital to the very growth and survival of salons and the salon industry. Salon hair color services attract clients, who then also purchase cuts, as well as other services,” said Cyrus Bulsara, president of Professional Consultants & Resources.

This growth in hair color services means there’s a high demand for stylists who are skilled and talented in hair color! If a career in the beauty industry interests you, going to cosmetology school and becoming a hair color specialist can be both rewarding and profitable! To learn more, read these tips on How to Become a Hair Color Specialist. Salon Success Academy is a beauty school with five convenient locations throughout the Inland Empire of California. The school offers in-depth, hands-on training in cosmetology and esthetics, as well as extensive preparation for the State Board exam, and financial aid assistance to students who qualify. Fill out the form or call 877-987-4247 to speak with an Admissions Representative today!


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