June 28, 2017

How to Choose a Hair Stylist for Life

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Finding a new hair stylist is like finding the perfect pair of heels. You want them to make you feel beautiful, but they still need to be comfortable. You try on more than one pair of shoes, don’t you? So your cosmetologist commitment should take some time and research too. Here is how to find a hairstylist you can keep for life:


Get Recommendations

Start with family and friends and find out who they use. Pick a friend’s hairstyle you like that has similar hair to yours, then ask some questions. Does she like the cut? Is it what she wanted or what the stylist thought she’d like? Ask your friend about the overall salon experience. Did she feel welcome and relaxed? Was the stylist on time and pleasant? Once you’ve had a few conversations with a couple different friends it’s time to take matters into your own hands.


Do Additional Research

So your best friend recommended someone. Now what? Check out the salon’s website and take a look at the prices and stylist bios. See if they have a referral program. Look on review sites, but be careful. Some people just love to give negative reviews! Cross reference multiple platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and MapQuest just to name a few. Then, call the salon and make sure the stylist is taking new customers.


Make an Appointment

Now is not the time to change up your whole hairstyle. Doing something different isn’t going to give you a good sense of the stylist’s abilities. It may be the new color or cut you chose that you don’t like and not the stylist. Instead, have your stylist try your usual do. How did you like the salon? What were your impressions of your stylist? Most importantly, how did your hair turn out?


You’re in but…

Perhaps your first appointment went really well but you were disappointed at your second and third visits. Talk to the stylist and share your concerns. Always be upfront and honest. This is your hair we’re talking about. If things don’t work out start the process of looking for a stylist over. We promise you will find your dream stylist if you invest some time. And it will be worth it!


Now you’re in “for life”

A stylist can be one of your BFFs so make sure to treat her well. Always be on time to your appointments. Nothing throws a stylist for a loop like a client who is 15 minutes late. If you are running late be courteous and call the salon to give them a heads up. Show your appreciation and leave a good tip. The rule of thumb is that if your stylist is the owner of the salon you do not have to tip them. Otherwise, tip well. If you are super happy with everything a good tip is between 20-30%, and always make sure to tip the person who washes your hair if she’s not also the stylist.

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