How You Can Be a Great Cosmetologist

a great cosmetologist


If you believe in the power of positive transformation through hair color and style changes, you may be right for a career as a cosmetologist. But how are you going to become a great cosmetologist? The most successful cosmetologists can share a vision with their clients for an astounding end result. They listen to their clients, visualize a goal and skillfully perform the work to make it happen. Here is what you need to know to be successful:


Follow your passion

Some people are born with it. A great cosmetologist has a keen sense of what works well for people to make them look and feel their best. Are you creative and passionate? As a cosmetologist you will always need to come up with new and different ways to style hair. So you will never be bored again! Follow your dream where it leads.


Go to Cosmetology School

What should a great cosmetology school teach you? You’ll need to learn all about hair, makeup, skincare, nail care and esthetics. Learn the importance of proper disinfection and sanitation. Learn how to do it all—by actually doing it. When you’ve completed all of your required program hours, get help with exam prep. At Salon Success Academy, we will help you prepare for the California State Licensing Exam after you’ve completed 1,600 hours. We will give you a mock exam so you’ll know exactly what you know and what you still need to learn.


Be in the Know

Stay on top of changing techniques and technologies in the industry. Read industry magazines and blogs to see what’s new and what your peers are trying so you can easily incorporate new techniques and fads into your work. Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are wonderful ways for you to connect with experts in the industry and to show off your own work and check out other #cosmetologyschools #tipsandtricks.


Customer Service

Do you have a pleasant personality? That’s a good start. You need to be friendly and helpful to all your clients and create a welcoming atmosphere. Make people feel comfortable and be a good listener. You can offer advice on what styles might look good on your clients, but they need to agree. Do what they want. Always put your client first. And remember, you represent your work so make sure your hair is styled and makeup is on-point.


Does cosmetology training sound like the path to the career of your dreams? Get started today! At Salon Success Academy, we give you the tools to prepare for your dream career. Call 844-987-(HAIR) 4247 to learn more about our Cosmetology program.