Bridal Hair and Makeup Trends You’ll See Down the Aisle in 2020

bridal hair makeup

You may never get the chance to sashay down a catwalk in front of a crowd, but your model moment will come on your wedding day when you walk down the aisle. With all eyes on you, and all cameras capturing your big moment for years to come, you’ll want to look your absolute best. Are you planning your nuptials now? Then get inspired from the bridal hair and makeup trends you’ll see down the aisle this year: 

Bridal Hair

An updo or flowing curls? That’s usually the question for brides, but this year, the trend isn’t so much about the hairstyle as it is about the accessories. 

  • FlowersThis floral arrangement isn’t for your bouquet. Flowers in your hair, whether in a crown or tucked behind your ear, is a classic romantic look. 
  • Ribbons, Bows and ScarvesAnother feminine trend is the use of big bows, chunky ribbons and silky scarves. Whether you pull your hair back in a big pearly bow barrette, or wear a sleek ponytail tied with a scarf or ribbon, you’ll stylishly mix classic and contemporary trends. 
  • Chunky Headbands—These are already trendy, but now you can expect to see chunky headbands studded with pearls, rhinestones, and lace on this year’s brides. 
  • Crown Braids—Tiaras are nice, but if you prefer a ‘do that’s all about your hair and not the accessories, try crown braids. This look consists of two braids that encircle your head, usually with a few delicate tendrils that hang down. 

Bridal Makeup

Hair is only half your lookmakeup is the other important part of the bridal beauty equation. This year, the style is to complement your natural beauty with bold pops of color.  

  • Keep it NaturalYour wedding day is all about love and light, and your look should convey that. Don’t pile on the foundation. Instead, apply a thin layer that will leave your skin with a dewy glow. If you have a blemish or two to cover, apply concealer to that area. 
  • Give Yourself a Rosy Glow—Long gone are the days of Miss Piggy-like rouge. Nowadays, a rosy-tone blush is on trend. A cream blush will give you a more natural look, but it can run in the heat. If you’re getting married in a warmer climate, powder may be your best bet here. 
  • Extend the Rosy Look to Your EyesLet the rose be your makeup inspiration this year. Also on trend is a rosy pink eyelid, either glittery, shimmery or matte.  
  • Pucker Up in Purple—Pinks and purples are the wedding colors this year, and a bright purple lip will pop against the neutral, natural tones of the rest of your makeup. If purple just isn’t for you, try a stylish magenta or bright pink, or stick with a classic red lip. 


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