July 5, 2017

The Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Your Eye Color

Brown eye with eyeshadow

The right makeup color, when paired with the color of your eyes will make your eyes stand out tenfold. So, the next time you really want to attract someone’s attention follow our eyeshadow tips and let your eyes do some talking.



Hello baby blues. It may sound wild, but one of the best paired shades with blue eyes has deep orange roots. So get bronze this summer! The warmth of a natural brown and orange tinted shade makes the blue in your iris pop. For an extra wow factor, turn your bronzer compact into an eyeshadow. Just dip a fine tipped brush in water and then run the tip through the color. The water helps the base stick but also increases its opacity.


You’re a brown-eyed girl. Consider yourself extremely lucky because virtually ALL eye shadows pair well with brown. Want the best date night palette? Try a musty/army green. Didn’t you ever wonder why emeralds look awesome on brunettes?


Take a chance on some serious color. Although green eyes look fabulous with earth tone shades, green eyes also pair well with vivacious shades like purple and ruby red. Start with a light violet base and line the creases of your eyelid with a warm brown. The brown and purple complement each other wonderfully, when set against a bright green. We’re talking fireworks!


Metallic shadows of silver and gold really bring out the sun flecks of hazel eyes. Depending on your skin tone, choose either gold or silver metallic shades. Avoid in-your-face metallic. Instead, opt for a color with just some specks of glitter to make your eyes shine.


Shades of blue can intensify the gray hue of your eyes. Line your lids with navy or get monochromatic. A shimmery charcoal or pewter gray will add depth and definition, while further enhancing your eye color.


What eyeshadow/liner colors do you pair your eye color with to make them pop? Share your own beauty secrets with us! And if you’re ready to turn your passion for makeup and style into a career, contact Salon Success Academy today! We have five convenient locations throughout the Inland Empire area of California. Which one is right for you?


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