Your Best Bet for Summer Nails

turquoise and orange for summer nails

We’re halfway through summer and it’s time for a much needed mani. Here are the shapes and colors for summer nails you’ll absolutely want to try:


Stiletto Nails

These sassy nails get their name from stilettos. Like the sexy heel, the nail is wide at the base and skinnier towards the tip. In order to create a stiletto nail, your nails have to be relatively long. This style works best for people with acrylics, tips, or just strong and long nails.


Ballerina Nails

Even if you’ve never sported a tutu or toe shoes, be a ballerina! The hot shape known as ballerina nails is fun with just a little bit of flash. Take a stiletto nail and file the tip flat. So next time you’re at the salon ask your nail technician to try something new. You won’t be disappointed.



Who doesn’t love OPI’s Cajun Shrimp? Coral is a must have color every time spring and summer come around. No matter what your skin shade, coral works, so sit back unwind and have yourself some Coral Punch or Pink Peach.



Party day into night with day glow nails. Nothing goes better with a great summer tan than neon colored nails. Paint your nails all one color or alternate colors every other nail for a playful look. What colors are right for you? Hot pink, lime green, fluorescent yellow, or crazy aqua? There are dozens to choose from.



Orange is a top trending color. If you think boasting all orange nails makes too bold a statement, paint just your index finger orange and the rest of your nails a subtle nude or light pink. Another great color to pair with orange with is turquoise blue. They are complementary colors on the color wheel and produce a knock-out wow summer look.


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