To Shave Not to Shave: Benefits and Drawbacks of Short Hair

woman with short hair

The clipper cut is back this summer, and it could become the symbolic haircut of the year. After all, many people decided to chop it all off while in quarantine, including celebrities like David Beckham and Tallulah Willis. If you feel inspired to try this look yourself, check out the benefits and drawbacks of short hair.

Benefit: You’ll Feel Cooler in the Hot Summer Sun with Short Hair

One of the biggest benefits of a short clipper cut is that it will keep you cool during the dog days of summer. No more sweat on the back of your neck—you’ll feel the breeze instead. Your head will also feel lighter without the weight of all your hair on it. Just don’t forget to put sunscreen on your scalp now that it’s more exposed. You can use a spray or stick for a less messy, easier application. 

Drawback: You Can’t Hide Behind Your Short Hair

Ever have a zit that you conveniently covered with a side part of bangs? Those days are no more. You won’t be able to hide your facial blemishes and bad makeup days with a clipper cut. Another thing you won’t be able to hide? Dandruff. If you plan to get a clipper cut, invest in an anti-dandruff shampoo if dry scalp is a problem for you. There is a silver lining—without a curtain of hair to hide behind, you could start to build more self confidence.  

Benefit: Short Hair Is Easier to Wash and Style

Kiss those 30-minutes showers behind. You’ll be able to wash what little hair you have in no time with short hair. It will also dry much faster and take less time to style. This means you can spend more time on the things you actually want to do.  

Drawback: You Will Need to Cut Your Hair More

Your clipped ‘do may be easier to wash and style, but you will need to maintain it. Every one to two weeks, you’ll need to shave your head again to remove the new growth. It may not be that big of a drawback if you are comfortable with a razor, but if you prefer the help of a professional cosmetologist or barber, it can become costly and -time-consuming to constantly trek back to the salon or barbershop 

Benefit: Short Hair Will Grow Back

If a clipper cut doesn’t turn out to be the right style for you, don’t worry. Your hair will grow back! You will have to be patient, though. You won’t go from super short to lovely long locks overnight. Bonus benefit? You’ll get to try different styles along the way, like a pixie or a bob haircut. And who knows? One of those styles may suit you even better.  


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