Beauty Industry Professionals Fight To Stop Deregulation beauty industry is taking center stage in this year’s election. In an attempt to cut the government’s spending, many politicians have been proposing legislation to deregulate the beauty industry. There are over 496 state bills being considered right now that have an impact on the industry. Thankfully, the Professional Beauty Association is doing something about it and advocating for the rights of beauty professionals everywhere.

Some states, like Indiana and New Hampshire, have gone so far as to propose legislation that would completely eliminate State Board licensing. The politicians justify this move by referencing the money it costs to keep the State Board running, administering licensing exams and doing inspections. This means that absolutely anyone who wanted to work in the beauty industry could do so, without going to beauty school and without receiving proper training.

Legislators don’t understand that by doing this, they’re putting the public’s health at risk. During a service, there is physical contact between the beauty professional and the customer, which means there is a risk of spreading infection or causing a chemical reaction. Licensed beauty professionals know how to protect themselves and their customers because they’re properly trained to work with sanitation and hazardous chemicals.

If the legislators don’t understand the implications of these bills, than it’s the responsibility of licensed beauty professionals to educate them. The Professional Beauty Association has been successfully organizing opposition to these bills and stopping them state by state.

Here’s what you can do to help:

• Stay informed! Be aware of legislation in your state that effects the beauty industry. You can search bills on your legislators’ websites, or check the PBA’s Government Affairs website.
• Educate your clients and your colleagues about the dangers of deregulation.
• Communicate with your state representatives and senators by calling, writing letters or emails, or through social media.

Did you know that Salon Success Academies has a close association with the Professional Beauty Association of California? The owner of Salon Success Academies, Bob Gross, has been advocating on behalf of licensed beauty professionals and beauty school students for over 20 years. He was a founding board member of the Professional Beauty Association of California and is now the chairman.

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