Are You Ready to Try One of These Hot Fall Hairstyles?

This fall is less about the hairstyle and more about the accessory you use to complete your look. From bejeweled headbands to the ever-popular scrunchie, here is roundup of the accessories you’ll want to use to own each and every one of these hot fall hairstyles:


Headbands will add style and warmth to your fall ensemble. Use the accessory to put your hair up or let it loose. Use a thin jeweled headband with an elastic back to create a sophisticated Grecian style. Put your headband on and leave an inch of hair between your face and the band. Then slowly take your hair and roll it into the elastic part of the band. You want the look to be a little messy and natural so it’s ok if a few strands are left hanging. Secure the look with a light mist of hairspray. This style is great for date night or a fall fete.

Claw Clips

Your favorite 80s accessory is back and better than ever! Throw your hair up and secure with an oversized claw clip or use a few smaller clips to secure braids or to create a half-up style.


Silk scarves aren’t just for your neck. Use them to make any hairstyle look polished and professional. Either tie the scarf around your head or use it to complete the end of a fishtail braid. Create the perfect fishtail braid by dividing your hair into two sections. Take hair from the outside of one section and cross it to the other side. Then, do the same with the other section. Continue this method, taking pieces from the outside of one section to the next. At the end, tie your silk scarf to the bottom of the braid or wrap it around your head. Once you get the hang of it, this look can take as little as five minutes!


Scrunchies are back and they are bigger, bolder, and more colorful than ever. Update this popular 90s trend by using them to secure a top knot or ballerina bun. Try a silk scrunchie for a more glamorous look and use it to tie back the top half of your hair for a half-up-half-down style. Use hairspray and a barrel curler to make the look more playful.


Bows are another accessory to add to your fall wardrobe and, best of all, bows work well with nearly any hairstyle! Whether it is a bow on a headband, scrunchie or bobby pin, this is an accessory you have to try. A bow bobby pin is a great way to secure a side braid or twist. The twisted sections add volume and create a sexy, but still soft look.


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