7 Tips For Becoming A Successful Esthetician

If you want to make the most out of your esthetician career, than this blog post is for you! Once you graduate from esthetician school and begin your new career as a licensed esthetician, there are some simple steps you can take to increase your clientele and boost your income.

Here are 7 Tips For Becoming A Successful Esthetician:

  1. Communication is key. To be a successful esthetician, you need a loyal customer base. This starts during the client’s consultation. Listen carefully to their concerns and what they’re hoping to accomplish with the treatment.
  2. Be relaxing. Your client want to unwind and relax when they come to the spa. As your performing the treatment, tell the client what you’re putting on their face/body and why, but speak in a soothing tone and in a way that doesn’t require them to respond.
  3. Look professional. Most clients will view your personal appearance as a reflection of your esthetician skills, so you should look the part.
  4. Do everything by the book. Complete every procedure exactly how you were trained and don’t offer any services that you’re not trained to be performing. Services can cause burns, allergic reactions, or infections if not performed properly.
  5. Find your specialty. Decide what skin care services you’re most skilled at and establish yourself as an expert in that area (waxing, for example). But you should still offer a menu of full services so you don’t have to turn away any clients.
  6. Know how to retail. Sell products that you believe in. Try the products for yourself so you can describe the results accurately to your clients. Remember that not telling your clients how to take care of their skin at home is doing a disservice to them.
  7. Continue your education. The skin care industry is continually changing. Stay on top of new trends in the industry so you can offer these new product systems to your clients. Continuing your education will always help you attract new clients.

What other good advice would you give to men and women just about to graduate esthetician school? Tell us your advice for becoming a successful esthetician by commenting below!

Stay tuned to the Beauty Buzz next week! We’ll have an Infographic that breaks down esthetician salary by state and job title.

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