6 Sexy Summer Hairstyles for Guys  

man getting a summer hairstyle


From buzz cuts to pompadours, short hair is clutch in the warm summer months. Here are some sexy styles for guys that are trending now:


Buzz Cut

Dare to bare it all? The perfect summer hairstyle is the crewcut. No maintenance or product necessary. When cutting your hair, choose a 1 setting on your clippers for a super close cut or a 4 for a half inch of fuzz. Get ready for some head rubs.


Slick Back

This style is more about product than cut and keeps hair away from your face. It is not short on the sides like a buzz cut or crew cut. Instead, ask your barber or stylist to keep the sides at roughly an inch. Towel dry your hair and use a gel to slick the sides and top of your hair back.


Short Slick Back

Scared of commitment? Then this fresh style is for you. If you’re doing this at home, shave along the sides of your head like you would with a buzz cut or crewcut and keep it short in back. Make sure your hair in front is long enough so you can slick it back.  In short, trim everything but the top.


Skin Fade

The skin fade looks like the name sounds. Your hair is longer on top and gets shorter as you go down the sides of your head in a gradual fade. Choose the length you want, starting the fade low, medium, or high on your head. The fade creates focus on the hair on top of your head so consider styling it up with a bit of product.


Medium Fade

Rock a medium fade like Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry. If you have curly hair and a more angular face this cut is perfect. This style is longer on the top and sides, and then fades down to the skin. Once the hair gets overgrown on the sides it’s time for a trim.


Low Maintenance Pompadour

If you have straight hair but want serious style, try the low maintenance pompadour. Get this style by fading the hair down the sides and keeping hair longer on top, but with with layers. Style with a hair pomade and run your fingers through the hair on the top of your head to get some volume without too much styling.


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