April 29, 2020

What You Need to Run a Successful Barbershop or Salon

successful barbershop owner

Some salons and barbershops have lines out the door and around the block. But others can’t seem to get customers to even glance their way. Why is it that some businesses do awesome when others fail? It’s more than just great haircuts and good theming. There’s a secret to their success. Here’s what you must provide to run a successful barbershop or salon.

1. Excellent Customer Service 

The most successful salons and barbershops have clients who come back time and again because they receive great service. Excellent customer service starts with a welcoming environment that makes your clients feel special. But it goes beyond just a happy hello when walk through the door. You need to treat each and every client like the individual they are. You know how they like their hair cut, what scents set them off, and how to make them feel comfortable and pampered.  

2. Good Communication 

You can’t provide great customer service if you don’t first listen to what your customers want and need. During your consultations, pay attention to what your clients tell you about what they do and don’t like. Ask them questions about services they’ve had before. What went wrong? What was good? Good communication also means you keep your clients up to date about what’s happening in your salon or barbershop. Are you running a promotion or discount? Are there new products that will be perfect for their hair and styling needs? You can also connect with clients through social media and maybe even build a following. Or use email to send out newsletters with coupons and discounts. These are great ways to cultivate connections with your current clients and reach out to prospective customers at the same time. 

3. Current Technology 

If you want to be accurate and efficient, use scheduling technology. You’ll know who’s coming when and fill every minute of the day as efficiently as possible. And if you want to welcome more customers, let them pay the way they want. There are so many payment options these days. It’s not just cash or credit cards. Accepting new payment technologies can increase traffic to your business 

4. Cleanliness 

A clean salon is more critical than ever. Your clients want to be assured that your space is safe and healthy for them and your staff. Follow the strict guidelines for cleanliness outlined by your state, using proper sanitation and disinfectant procedures. And then go a step beyond. Make cleanliness a part of your routine and make sure everyone knows it’s a top priority. It demonstrates your pride and professionalism and builds trust among your clients. 

5. Great Employees 

Your salon or barbershop is only as good as the people who work there. That’s why you and your staff need to be well-skilled, highly trained, and excited about what they do. Your employees should know how to cut, shave, and style, while also being adaptable, friendly, ethical, and creative. And they should want to continuously learn new skills and grow as professionals. 


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