5 Reasons Why Well-Groomed Men Are More Successful

well-groomed man

One of the best-kept secrets to success might be found in your mirror. While personality, experience, and education can take you far, a sleek hairstyle, a clean shave, and a hot shower may also lead you to success. Your appearance says a lot about you, and a sharp-looking man knows how to make the right statement. Read on to find out why being well-groomed could actually make you more successful.

1) Earn More Money

Education and experience can take you far, but did you know that one of the biggest influences on your salary may be your appearance? Researchers from the University of Chicago and the University of California, Irvine conducted a study on the impact of being well-groomed in the workplace.1 They found that attractive employees earned more money than unattractive employees. However, unattractive employees who were well-groomed made roughly $22,000 more than unattractive employees who were poorly groomed.

2) Have More Confidence and Self-Esteem

When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you do good. If you’re well-groomed, it’s more likely that you’ll be successful because you’ll have a higher sense of confidence and self-esteem. You’ll believe in yourself and in your ability to handle anything that comes your way. And you’ll earn more trust from clients and supervisors because your self-assurance will make you stand out from your coworkers.

3) Good Hygiene

Chances are, a well-groomed man cares about his hygiene, which is important to employers. Bad breath, body odor and an overall shabby appearance can be red flags for managers. If you look like you can’t take care of yourself, you send a signal that says you may not be able to take care of your work, either.

4) Make a Good First Impression

Your first impression could be your last impression. In a room full of scraggly beards, long hair and wrinkled clothes, the man with a fresh shave, combed hair and clean hands and nails will stand out — in a good way. Like anyone else, employers make an initial judgment on potential employees based on the way that they look. So shaking an executive’s hand with dirty fingernails could make the difference between getting shown an opportunity or getting shown the door.

5) Represent Your Employer Well

If you’ve made a good first impression on your boss, then your boss can trust that you’ll make a good impression in the boardroom. How you look will reflect on the company, and with a more mature and professional appearance, business partners, clients, and even competitors will take you seriously. By representing the company well, it’s more likely that you’ll be considered for leadership roles and maybe even raises and promotions.

There are many grooming treatments that can make a man look and feel his best, including a haircut and shave, a facial, and even a man’s mani-pedi. Go for a little pampering, and see where it takes you! And if you think you have what it takes to provide the kind of services that can turn scruffy into sleek, consider a career in barbering. At Salon Success Academy, you’ll learn the skills that will help you and your clients become a success in the workplace.

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