June 28, 2021

5 Reasons to Choose Esthetics for a Career

Taking care of your appearance through skincare is quite popular these days. But you may not realize that it can be quite a rewarding career. If you have a love for skincare and beauty, then an esthetics career might be right for you.

What does an esthetician do?

In short, an esthetician is a licensed skincare specialist with training in a wide variety of procedures. An esthetician might provide services such as:

  • Custom Skincare Recommendations
  • Exfoliation
  • Facials
  • Hair Removal (Waxing or Sugaring)
  • Makeup Applications
  • Skin Mapping
  • Skin Treatments
  • Lash Coloring and Lifting
  • Brow Coloring and Lamination

How do you get started?

The first step to becoming an esthetician is enrolling in a state-certified esthetics program to fulfill your training hours and learn all the necessary skills. This typically takes about 15 months. Once the required number of training hours is complete, students must take a state exam to earn their esthetician license and begin practicing.

So, is an esthetician career worth it? Let’s examine five reasons to consider esthetics as a career.

  1. Esthetics is a Rewarding Career Choice

As an esthetician, you can inspire confidence in others by helping your clients look and feel their best, each day.

In the esthetics field, you often find yourself helping many of the same clients. This allows you to understand your client’s specific skin concerns to provide them individualized treatments and skincare recommendations. As a result of treating the same people repeatedly, you can see your service pay off through your client’s improved appearance and self-esteem.

Improving the way others feel about themselves can lead to a joyful and fulfilling career- one that many people will be grateful for.

  1. Flexible Working Schedules

Earning your license opens doors to a wide variety of esthetician career paths, many of which allow you to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Most estheticians typically work from a med spa, rented salon booth, or out of their own home.

Keep in mind that if you work in a spa, you may be required to work certain hours. However, these are usually early morning or late evening shifts, so you will likely have free time in the afternoon to take on other responsibilities. Many employers offer flexibility within these hours depending on appointment times.

If you rent a booth or work out of your home, you can often set your own hours around client appointments. The ability to set your own hours is ideal for parents as it allows them to spend more time with their family. It’s also great for those who dislike traditional 9 to 5 jobs.

  1. Specialize in Certain Services

If there is an aspect of esthetics that you particularly enjoy doing, you can specialize in it. This allows you to focus your career solely on skincare treatments, waxing, facials, and more.

It is important to note that some specialized services require additional training and certifications. For instance, estheticians need to take an additional training course before they can start practicing services like lash extensions or laser hair removal.

Specializing in one certain service allows you to stay focused on what attracted you to the esthetic field in the first place.

woman giving a facial

  1. You’ll Become an Expert

Each workday as an esthetician is an opportunity to learn new things.

The world of skincare is ever evolving, so you are often tasked to learn new skincare techniques and treatments throughout your career as an esthetician. This keeps you on your toes and prevents you from falling into a rut.

You may also need to keep up with the latest skincare products to suggest the best ones to clients. Having a full scope of skin product knowledge helps you find products that will work best for your clients.

In addition, people could look to you as a reliable source for skincare tips in the beauty industry. You can take advantage of this by launching additional businesses such as vlogs, blogs, writing books, and brand partnerships for paid social media collaborations!

  1. You’ll Never Fall into a Boring Routine!

One of the biggest complaints most people have about their job is how boring and repetitive it is day to day. This is not the case for estheticians.

Each day as an esthetician is an opportunity to develop your communication and customer service skills. Plus, you often meet new people at work- which can lead to personal relationships, loyal clientele, and even allow you to expand your professional network.

Since every client has their own unique needs and skincare goals, there is a different set of procedures to fulfill each day. The challenge of providing the right treatment and products for each client’s unique skincare needs and goals helps to keep your work exciting!

What Are the Next Steps?

Of course, being an esthetician has its pros and cons- and it’s not for everyone.

But if you are interested in pursuing a career as an esthetician, you must find a quality esthetics school.

Salon Success Academy is a beauty school in California that has been training students for over 60 years.

Our course covers the 680 training hours that the state of California requires you earn before taking your exams and earning your license. We provide our students with a comprehensive understanding of esthetic theory as well as the business skills needed to start a career. We also set our students up for future success by having them service real-life clients as part of our curriculum.

Think you should become an esthetician? We invite you to learn more and enroll!

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