5 Reasons Your Hair is Thinning and How to Turn It Around

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What Are You Going to Do About Your Thinning Hair?

Hair loss is no joke. Did you know that those Beyoncé-like braids you rock could be the reason behind your thinning hair? The good thing is most of the time you can stop hair loss in its tracks or take preventative steps to fix it. Here are 5 reasons your hair may be thinning and how to fix it:


You already knew that stress can affect everything from your appetite to your sleep. But it can even cause you to lose your hair! How? Extended stress can cause your hormones to go out of whack. Spiked levels of cortisol—which increases under stress—mean that your adrenal glands can’t produce the good hormones that keep hair healthy. But don’t let your loss of hair stress you out even further. Address the stress head on with exercise, meditation, yoga—even talk therapy. What works for you? If stress is an issue, it’s probably affecting more than just your hair. Give your whole self the attention you deserve. The better you feel, the faster your hair will mend itself.

Over-styling Your Hair

Do you rock a ballerina bun or tight braids on the regular? Your hair may be thinning as a result of traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is a condition where the strain caused by particular hairstyles causes wear and tear on your hair at the root. Thankfully this condition is easily fixable. Simply wear your hair down and if you do wear it up –not too tight. Heat styling can also be damaging because it makes hair more likely to split and break, so ease off the straightener, curling iron, and hair dryer.


When you don’t put good stuff into your body, your outside will reflect it—including your hair. Hair loss as the result of your diet is the result of an extremely restrictive diet like anorexia. Your hair is made up of protein so to have lush healthy hair you need to have protein regularly. Load up on fish, vegetables, eggs, nuts and lean meats like chicken to start. Anemia, or the lack of iron in your body, can also cause hair loss. The most common source of iron is red meat, but it can also be found in leafy greens like spinach, and in beans and lentils. You may also need to take iron supplements, but consult your doctor first.

You’ve Just Had a Baby

As if having a baby wasn’t hard enough now you have to concern yourself with hair loss? Don’t worry. For some women, this is completely normal. Your body goes through a lot when you’re pregnant, but once the baby is born, your body-and your hair-will rebound in no time. To help speed up the process talk to your doctor about various supplements or medications, if necessary.


We all know that it’s not uncommon to see hair loss or thinning as people get older. Most hair loss due to age is because of genetics- thanks mom and dad. Unfortunately, besides cosmetic surgeries the best thing to do is to use hair pieces, wigs, and scarves. You can also change up your hair style to cover up thin spots. Ask your stylist!


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