5 Fabulous Fall Hairstyles You Have to Try

blunt cut bangs on young woman

Don’t you just love the look and feel of a new season? Something in the air says it’s time to change things up. Why not start with your hair? Check out these 5 fall hairstyles and decide which one you’re ready to try out today.

Blunt Bangs

Retro vibes are in. Celebrities like Bella Hadid have made blunt bangs a go-to haircut for fall. To get this look, tell your stylist just what it is: a blunt bang. No side swept, soft and subtle look for you. You’re all in. Blunt bangs that graze your eyebrows are great for oval face shapes, but there are ways to soften them up for other face shapes. Ask your stylist what will work best for you. And when your hair is wet, consider applying a light hair oil for a sleek style to complement your new bangs.

All One Length

If you’re looking for styled chic that’s also super easy to maintain, opt for a one-length bob cut, letting your hair sit just on top of your collarbone. This style is great for fine hair, as it gives the appearance of the body and thickness you lack. Just because it’s all one length, though, doesn’t mean you can’t add some texture and edges. Ask you stylist for the best tips to add some flair. And you can even go beyond the bob and choose a longer length.

Wispy Layers

Quite the opposite of single length are wispy layers. It’s in this fall, and it works on just about every type and texture of hair. You can go short-short or choose a longer style and concentrate the wisps of hair just around your face. Add highlights and styles—like ponytails with pouf—and work the layers into a look that’s all your own. Well-defined layers can give you a perfectly tousled look with minimal effort.

Buzz Cut

Are you ready to really shake things up? Fashion model Cara Delevingne and actress Charlize Theron got buzzed and looked amazing. While stars and celebs may have a variety of reasons to take the initial buzz plunge, once they do, they love it!  No maintenance or product necessary. Have your stylist help you choose how bare to go for that first cut. Then maintain it with your own clippers. Choose a 1 setting for a super close cut or a 4 for a half inch of fuzz.

Au Naturale Curls

The best style often starts with what you already have. Throw away that straightener. Toss the big rollers in the trash. Opt out of chemical fixes that kill your curls. Instead, embrace your curls but keep them shiny and bouncy with anti-frizz and smoothing products. Choose products specifically designed for curls and find a stylist trained on curly hair. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Whether you’d like to cut, color, and style hair that’s straight or curly, you’ll need some serious training. If you really love all things hair, style and fashion, why not turn your passion into a rewarding career? Train for a career in the beauty industry at Salon Success Academy. Check out all our programs now or fill out the form.