5 Bob Hairstyles You Will Love for Your Summer Look

Chances are you’ve familiar with the famed bob hairstyle. This short, face-framing masterpiece of the 1920s has proven to be a winner throughout history. Whether you wear your hair long and wavy or short and choppy these are the bob hairstyles you will love this summer:

Blunt Bob

This version of the traditional bob takes a dip on the wild side. Blunt refers to your hair being cut the same length all the way around so it looks like you just chopped your mane mere minutes ago. A blunt bob is perfect for fixing damaged hair as it takes off straggly ends and requires absolutely no layers. It’s great for most all hair types except curly. If you have curlier hair and want to try a bob, opt for carefully placed layers instead.

Heavy Bangs Bob

Go ahead and try bangs this summer –you won’t be disappointed. Bangs are a great way to update your look and mask a larger forehead. You can try bold and blunt by opting to cut your bangs straight across, skimming the top of your brows or soft and side-swept.


The lob is cut just above the shoulders so that the ends of your hair skim your collar bone. This cut is also great for those of you with thicker hair as your stylist can use a razor to give your hair a more weightless look. This cut is ideal if you’re looking to cut your hair short, but you’re not quite ready to make a drastic change.

Textured Bob

The opposite of a blunt bob is a textured bob. It’s deconstructed and uneven in places, but every piece is meticulously calculated to fall in exactly the right place! Did you know the bangs are styled to be the longest pieces of hair? Style with texturing spray or a light mousse. Apply while your hair is slightly wet (towel-dried) and scrunch it up- let hair dry.


Get noticed with an A-Line bob. The hair is stacked in the back and gradually gets longer towards the front. This cut looks great when curled but looks best when it is straightened for extra drama. The look is perfect for all face shapes.

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