3 Things to Consider About Nail Technician School

nail technician with client

There’s nothing you love more than a good mani/pedi. And you don’t just like getting them. You love to give them too! Your nail polish collection rivals that of salon and you always coordinate your outfits with your nail color. At this point, your nails are not just a hobby—they’re a passion.  

Most beauty schools will include nail services in the curriculum of their cosmetology program. For someone who’s interested in learning about styling hair and wants to have more career options in the beauty industry after they graduate, enrolling in cosmetology training is a good way to go. However, if you’re confident about wanting to join the nail industry and you’re not interested in learning how to perform other services, then nail technician training is a better fit for you.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a nail technician school to enroll in.

1. Does the Nail Technician School Offer Hands-On Training?

Most manicuring program wills require about 400 hours. You should learn how to perform a variety of services such as manicures, pedicures, nail art design, artificial nail application, wraps, and therapeutic massages. A good nail technician school will go above and beyond just giving you instructions and will let you gain nail technician skills and experience practicing these services on real clients.

At Salon Success Academy, our facilities include clinic labs which are real salons that offer services to paying customers. This means that you won’t just learn from textbooksyou’ll get to practice your new skills in a real-world setting 

2. What Does the Nail Technician School Curriculum Include?

It may seem like common sense, but a good nail technician school should have a high quality curriculum. The nail technician program at Salon Success Academy uses the Salon Fundamentals Nails Textbook and Study Guide from Pivot Point, one of the most innovative educational systems available for budding nail technicians. Students also train using all OPI nail products, some of the highest quality products on the market that they’ll be using once they graduate and begin working. In next week’s blog post we’ll break down everything that’s included in the Salon Success Academy manicuring kit.

Consider these Nail Technician Skills

What skills does the program teach? Are the techniques up to date? Do the faculty continue their own professional training so they keep their skills sharp? These are a few of the questions to keep in mind. At Salon Success Academy, we’ll teach you how to: 

  • Analyze the health of nails on hands and feet 
  • Perform hand/foot and arm/ankle massages 
  • Apply acrylics, nail tips and brush-on nails  
  • Give water and oil manicures and pedicures 
  • Repair broken nails 
  • Properly clean your tools and follow health and safety guidelines 

 You’ll also take salon management classes that will help you develop your customer service skills and grow your clientele. And you’ll learn how to create and build a great professional portfolio. 

3. Will the Nail Technician School Curriculum Prepare Me for the State Board Exam?

Once you graduate, you must pass your State Board exam before you can start your new career as a licensed nail technician. Your nail technician school should do everything possible to prepare you for both the written and practical portions of your licensing exam. At Salon Success Academy, students are required to participate in regular mock State Board exams before they graduate. This gives students the opportunity to practice their skills in the standardized exam format and receive help in any areas they might be struggling.


Most importantly, you want to choose a school that believes in you and your future; one that looks at you as not just another student, but as a budding professional. At Salon Success Academy, we’re a “people-helping company,” ready to help you! Our dedicated faculty and staff can help you succeed in your training and your career. Ready to start your journey? Call us today at 1-877-987-4247. The Manicuring/Nail Technician program is offered at our Corona, Fontana, Redlands, Riverside, Upland & West Covina campuses. 

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