3 Festive Nail Art Designs You’ll Want to Try for the Holidays

holiday nail design

Are you dreaming of some pretty holiday nail art to match your ugly Christmas sweater, but can’t find the time to head to a salon before your holiday party? No problem! Here are 3 festive DIY nail art designs you’ll want to try for the holidays!

Green and Gold French Tips

If you want something simple, classic, and festive this is a great way to go. A twist on a traditional French manicure, this approach will match any holiday look without all the bells and whistles of other artistic styles.


1. Paint on two coats of a deep green polish of your choice.

2. Use a thin striper brush dipped in a gold metallic polish to paint a small line along the free edge from one side of your nail to the middle.

3. Use the same brush and polish and finish the line, starting from the other side and connecting the two lines in the middle.

4. Finish with your favorite glossy topcoat to seal the edges of the polishes together.

Crimson Stars

Try a take on twinkling stars but add in that true Christmas red for flair! Though a bit more complex than the green and gold French, with this look, your nails will be festive no matter what look you put on!


1. Paint on two coats of your favorite deep red polish.

2. Use a thin striper brush dipped in white or silver polish and draw a small vertical line down your nail.

3. With the same striper brush, draw a horizontal line perpendicular to the vertical line, making it a fraction of the length of the first line.

4. Draw a short diagonal line over the intersection of the two previous lines with the same striper brush and polish color.

5. Repeat diagonal line once more in the opposite direction to finish your star.

6. If you feel so inclined use a pointy stick dipped in either the white or silver polish to paint dots around the big stars, giving it the look of smaller stars surrounding it.

7. Finish with a clear topcoat.

Sultry Snowflakes

Want something a bit less traditional but still festive throughout the winter months? Try out these blue snowflakes on your nails for a sultry look all holiday season.


1. Paint two coats of an iridescent polish for your base color.

2. Use a thin striper brush dipped in a deep blue metallic to draw three lines on your nail. This will be the foundation of the snowflake.

3. Make tiny Vs at the base of each line to make the ends of the snowflake.

4. On a few fingers, create a larger snowflake to mix up the pattern. To do this create a horizontal line on your nail and then an X over the center for a six-pronged snowflake. Then repeat the tiny Vs on the ends just like you did in the previous step.

5. Draw a hexagonal with the striper brush to connect the intersecting lines of the snowflake.

6. If you’d like some extra snow-flair on your nails add tiny dots between the six prongs of the snowflake

7. Wait until the blue polish is dry and finish it off with a shiny topcoat.


If you love DIY nail art designs and are ready to take it to the next level? Why not turn your hobby into a career this holiday season? Contact us at Salon Success Academy to learn more about how to get started. We have six locations across California. Is one near you?