Cosmetologists Through the Years

It’s said that the history of cosmetology dates back as long as human history does; that cosmetology was born when the first human being glanced in a body of water and saw his or her reflection. Historians have traced some of the earliest beauty treatments back to the Egyptians, when woman used minerals to dye their cheeks and eyes.

While every career changes over time, with new practices and modern technology, this concept holds especially true for the beauty industry. The definition of beauty is constantly being redefined and new trends seem to pop up daily. It’s important for cosmetologists to continue their education so they can stay on top of these new trends and be able to give their clients the styles they want.

What’s been considered trendy and beautiful has changed drastically over the past century, with each generation easily defined by a particular look. Cosmetologists have had to adapt to these changes quickly in order to stay in high demand. Check out this Infographic to see how beauty trends and beauty careers have changed over the years:

What better way to show your clients that you’re on top of all the latest beauty trends than having a stunning portfolio of all your best work? In next week’s Salon Success Academies Beauty Buzz blog post, we’ll have some great tips for getting your cosmetology portfolio started.

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