January 22, 2014

10 Makeup Bag Must-Haves

Do you know what you should have in your makeup bag? Nowadays there’s an endless list of beauty products and tools on the market, which can make it easy for your makeup bag to become messy and overcrowded.

When it comes to makeup bag necessities, the list is not all that long. You don’t have to be a cosmetology school or esthetician school graduate to have a killer makeup bag anymore! These 10 items are all you need in your makeup bag to look like a beauty pro.

Tell us which beauty products you can’t live without in the comments below!

1. Concealer – The secret to flawless looking skin is a good concealer. You can use it to cover up everything from sunspots, under-eye circles, redness, blemishes, and more. When choosing a concealer, try to pick one that’s one-half shade lighter than your skin tone.

2. Foundation – Once you find the foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone, do yourself a favor and make sure it’s always in your makeup bag. Your ideal foundation will include primer, which means it will fill in pores and make the rest of your makeup last longer, along with evening out your skin tone.

3. Blush – A bit of blush will instantly brighten your complexion and enhance your cheekbones. Most makeup artists believe your look isn’t complete until youhave a pop of color on your cheeks. Pick a shade of blush that compliments your skin tone. The lighter your skin tone, the paler your blush should be.

4. Eyelash Curler – A good eyelash curler will instantly make your lashes look longer and your eyes look more open. Now who wouldn’t want that every day? When choosing which eyelash curler to buy, choose one that fits the curve of your eye.

5. Eyeshadow – Using eyeshadow is a sure fire way to make your eyes pop and get you instantly noticed. There are endless colors of eyeshadow to choose from nowadays. The good news is that eyeshadow typically comes in color-coordinated palettes, with three or more colors in one case. This will help save you money and space in your makeup bag!

6. Eyebrow Pencil –Well-defined eyebrows will dramatically change the look of your face, so you always need to have an eyebrow pencil in your bag. Select a pencil that’s one or two shades darker than your hair. When applying, use a small brush to soften and blend the color, so it looks more natural.

7. Eyeliner – Eyeliner is another product you absolutely must have in your makeup bag! Eyeliner makes a huge difference on your overall look with very little effort. What type of eyeliner you choose (liquid, pencil, or cream) is a matter of personal preference, but they all have their benefits.

8. Mascara –This one goes without saying. Having long, full lashes are an absolute beauty must. Select a good waterproof mascara that that will stay on all day and never leave home without it!

9. Lipstick – Your look won’t be complete without a pop of color on your lips!  There’s a wide array of lip colors, and you won’t have room for every one in your makeup bag. Include a light pink/nude shade for everyday wear and a bright pink/red shade for special events so you’re ready for any occasion.

10. Brushes – The key to perfect looking makeup is in the tools you use. Applying your makeup with a brush will create a more precise and flawless looking application. For every type of makeup, you’ll need a different type of brush to apply it. Invest in a set of good-quality brushes and clean them every week with soap and water.

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