10 Date Night Beauty Ideas for Valentine’s Day

valentine's day date

It’s the most romantic day of the year, but it can also be the most nerve-wracking day of the year. Will he try to steal a kiss? Will he propose? Will he even show up at the door? With all of these questions, the last thing you need to worry about is your hair and makeup. Mix and match these 10 beauty tips and you’re sure to feel like a princess on your Valentine’s Day date night:

Hair Styles for Your Valentine’s Day Date

  • Romantic Braid—A sleek plait or a playfully messy braid are simple to do, and they look pretty and glamorous. For a fun twist, try a mohawk braid or a braided bun.
  • Beautiful Bun—Try a sleek topknot, or a low bun with face-framing bangs or tendrils. If you can’t decide between wearing your hair up or down, go half and half—pull the top half of your hair up in a bun and wear the bottom half in loose, wavy ringlets.
  • Hollywood Glamour—Sweep your hair into a deep side part and curl hair with a one-inch barrel for vintage movie star style.
  • Adorable accessories—No matter how you style your hair, you can accent your ‘do with a delicate headband, rhinestone bobby pins, or pearl-studded barrettes.

Color Your Lips for Your Date

  • Rose Red—There’s nothing like the classic look of a bold, red lip. Choose neutral colors for the rest of your makeup and pull your hair back to keep the focus right where you want it: on those kissable lips.
  • Glossy Pink—If bold isn’t your style, stick with the other favored Valentine’s Day color: pink. It’s softer and the gloss adds a fun and sexy shimmer.
  • Dark and Dramatic—Want to buck tradition? Choose a deep, dark purple or burgundy shade for your lips. Add a dark eye and dark nails to amp up the drama.

Don’t Forget Your Eyes on Valentine’s Day

  • Purr-fect Cat Eye—Put on winged liner for a classic look. You can use an eyeliner stencil, or just a piece of tape to get the perfect angle (and cut down the margin of error!).
  • Pretty in Purple—Add a splash of color to your eyes with purple eyeliner. Mix with pink eyeshadow for bright, fun, floral-inspired eyes.
  • Smokey But Sweet—Try a lighter twist on the classic dark smokey eye by using pink, peach or gold tones instead of blacks and grays.


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